Comments from last workshop

“This was the best workshop I’ve done for ages. Active learning and supportive enthusiastic trainers are a great combination. Maddy and Donna left me wanting more.” Kerry, Psychologist/homoeopath

"The concepts and methods really opened up my world to possibilities in Action Method in particular. So simple – yet so effective – and fun!" Sue, Zulu Communications

"I find Action Method Learning an extremely powerful methodology" Michael, Fantastic Furniture

Want inspiration as a trainer or facilitator?

Maddy and Donna can help. Specialising in Action Method, Maddy can help you make even the most boring topic or process interesting and fun. For more information, email Want to tap into team or individual creativity? Why not enquire about Lego (R) SeriousPlay (TM). For more information, email

Science of Happiness at Work

Are you or your team struggling with complex or chronic problems, facing unrealistic deadlines or contending with office politics, difficult clients, bullying, misaligned values and challenging environments? Diagnostics and individual or team coaching using Science of Happiness at Work can make a difference and boost productivity. For more information, email For more information, contact Donna at