About Us

SALVE is a Sydney-based partnership offering a range of training, counselling, facilitation and consultation services. We pride ourselves in choreographing meaningful experiences for learners through a range of methods where inclusion and self -esteem are paramount. We aim to bring all participants and clients on a journey of discovery. We are unique in our desire to offer truly affordable training.


Madeleine Hopkins

Madeleine’s area of expertise is in Action Method Training. Action Method has its roots in psychodrama which Maddy studied in Wellington New Zealand at the then School of Training for Trainers.

Maddy has consolidated this learning over the years she has worked in Sydney. Action Method works on the premise that if you ‘do’ the action then understanding will follow. 

Maddy is also a qualified counsellor, work which she enjoys immensely using aspects of Action Method to complement her counselling work.


  • Graduate Diploma Training & Development
  • Diploma in Counselling
  • TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Member of the Australian Counselling Association



Donna Seagrave

Donna is an experienced and insightful facilitator and manager.

Donna is a Licenced Practitioner in the Science of Happiness at Work. This works to increase happiness in the workplace which in turn positively influences productivity. For more information, go to iopener.

She is able to provide diagnostics, individual and team reports and individual and team coaching.

Donna is also accredited in the use of Lego ® Serious Play™ material and methodology. LSP is a consultation, facilitation and decision making technique designed to tap into a team’s insight, creativity and imagination for breakthrough results. For more information, go to seriousplay.


  • Masters in Adult Education
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Public Sector Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Adult Education
  • Graduate Diploma in Leisure Management
  • Degree in Communication


The plant Salvia, from which the word salve is derived, is used to make a balm for healing wounds, as a soothing remedy or as an antidote.

The plant was also used for Vision Quests and has been associated with long life and intellectual ability.

Just as a salve is used to sooth, heal and protect, we provide training, coaching and counselling services that tend to the emotional needs and challenges confronting management, frontline staff and learning and development professionals.

Our motto is growth through discovery.

Although the acronym SALVE can mean anything that’s right for you, to us it means:

Simplicity – We work with you to deliver simple, cost effective and lasting results

Action – Our methods get people up and involved through action and play

Laughter – Fun, laughter and play are important in learning

Value – Value for money as well as honesty, integrity, kindness and care in what we do

Experiential – Learners often need to experience something to learn and grow