Coaching & Counselling

Maddy and Donna can come to you to provide co-facilitation, advice on how to improve training effectiveness in your organisation, or group/individual coaching for your trainers and L&D staff.

We can provide tailored self-assessment surveys which can be used in your own way or combined with one or more of our other services.

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The weight of expectation and increasing demands at work can sometimes be overbearing.

Trainers can find themselves undervalued, subjected to criticism; even abuse from participants, and trapped between the expectations of project owners and needs of staff who they’re training.

With 30 years’ experience and having trained hundreds of trainers, Maddy can help.

Maddy is a qualified counsellor and provides a range of services, including counselling, coaching and mentoring for trainers, L&D professionals and individuals.

$100 per hour face to face, Or $80 per hour via phone.

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